Here are some key phrases that will show hiring managers you can be trusted to handle most anything that is thrown at you.

"Here's where my expertise lies."

Give hiring managers a true sense of your strengths and competencies so their expectations are realistic. It is mu...

Like it or not, you only get one chance to make that first impression.

Could your career karma use a positive boost? Here are a few suggestions to infuse your work life with some positive karmic energy.

1. Help out a colleague who’s overwhelmed.

Have a coworker who’s struggling to get things done? Give him a hand. He just may return the fav...

Myth #1: Staffing agencies only have access to low-level and low-paying job opportunities

Not true. Staffing agencies are a far cry from the "temp agencies" of previous generations. Twenty-first century recruiters partner with professionals seeking work in a variety o...

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