Have Some Confidence - 9 Phrases That Will Help

Here are some key phrases that will show hiring managers you can be trusted to handle most anything that is thrown at you.

"Here's where my expertise lies."

Give hiring managers a true sense of your strengths and competencies so their expectations are realistic. It is much better to impress them with your talents than to disappoint them by creating a false sense that you are an expert in every area.

"I'm on it."

Once it is clear that you are the right person for the assignment, let your manager know she can count on you to get it done and get it done well.

"How does this sound to you?"

Give the manager a chance to put in his two cents. That way you know he approves of your plan and also shows you are open to suggestions and respect his expertise.

"I need some advice."

If a question or problem arises during the project, don’t just take a guess or hope for the best. No one knows all the answers and everyone experiences challenges in their work. Wait until the manager has a few minutes to speak and ask for help. Not doing so could compromise the whole project.

“Here’s how we’re going to deal with these challenges.”

Once you’ve asked for help and analyzed the obstacles that are holding up progress, decide how you will modify your original plan to address those obstacles. Then, share the new plan with everyone concerned and move ahead. Your ability to shift gears when necessary will show managers you are capable of overcoming problems and seeing projects through to successful completion.

“I’ll have it to you by close of business tomorrow. Is that soon enough?”

Create a realistic timeline for the project and then stick to it. It is important that your hiring manager knows you can meet deadlines. Completing the assignment early (but no less perfectly) is even better!

“Is there anything else you need?”

Let your manager know you are always available to help and willing to take on new projects whenever they arise.

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