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Congratulations! You have just entered a very unique employment website, designed with both the employer and career seeker in mind. Employers can search up to 2,000 pre-qualified job candidates, to find the best possible matches for their openings. Applicants can scan our most current job listings for the positions that best fit their qualifications and career goals. We also invite companies to learn more about our consulting and business support services, and to browse our resource library for helpful articles and practical advice. Or click the “PDP” logo and discover how our sophisticated system of personality assessments and job matching can assist you in career planning, recruitment, selection, personnel management and much more. “About Career Concepts” and FAQs will answer your most common questions and help you understand what sets our company apart from other job placement services and tax-funded bureaucracies as Montana's number one recruiting, staffing and placement agency. When you need our professional assistance, just click the “Contact Us” button, or call us at 406-586-0231. We look forward to hearing from you!