Myths About Employment Agencies

Myth #1: Staffing agencies only have access to low-level and low-paying job opportunities Not true. Staffing agencies are a far cry from the "temp agencies" of previous generations. Twenty-first century recruiters partner with professionals seeking work in a variety of industries at all educational, skill and pay levels. For example, Career Concepts staffs fields as diverse as accounting, design, engineering, government and public administration and healthcare. Myth #2: Staffing agencies aren’t a long-term employment solution False. While staffing agencies do offer temporary jobs for those who enjoy its flexibility, agencies also provide long-term contractual assignments and temporary jobs that may turn into permanent ones. The terms ‘staffing agency’ and ‘temp agency’ often times are used interchangeably. We would argue that they are certainly not the same thing. The best staffing firms are committed to connecting candidates to meaningful, lasting career opportunities. And it’s a philosophy that’s borne out in the data. Many of today’s contract employees prefer the flexibility and variety that contract employment provides. Myth #3: Recruiters don’t care about my personal and career goals False again. Our recruiters are truly invested in the happiness of our contract employees. We wish more candidates knew how much we care about them. We really seek to understand what they do and what they want to do. Our goal is to find them the best fit and network with them to find the best opportunities. Myth #4: Candidates will lose money by working with a staffing agency That’s false, too. At Career Concepts, we work with the companies we staff for to find the best employee for the job they are trying to fill. Myth #5: If I find employment through a staffing agency I won’t receive health insurance or other fringe benefits Not true anymore. According to the American Staffing Association, “Many staffing companies offer health insurance as well as vacation and holiday pay [depending on your contract], and some offer retirement plans.” Temporary and contract employees have options when it comes to finding a staffing partner to work with; firms recognize this and are increasing the type, variety and quality of benefits employees demand.

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